got this box of magic 

up in the attic

might bring it down and wipe of the dust

take the key and open up

she said she had had it

she even quit her magic

but I kept the box to keep it alive

every night I tried and tried 

now I’m trying to hide it 

´cause there´s no room inside it

it´s full of a wand and a deck of cards

but most of all my broken heart

theres no room for me

she put a spell on me


erratic like an addict

I’m not that good at magic

I bring it down I’ve had enough 

with kerosene I burn it up

the ashes tell the story

the end of you and me

I tell myself I have moved on

but then again I wrote this song

how can I brake free when

she put a spell on me



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The Ghost of Forest Manor

The Ghost of Forest Manor


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